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Zoning for Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

At ServiceMark Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we strive to not only help you save energy and money, but also increase the comfort in your home. One way we can achieve both goals is with zoned heating and air conditioning solutions.

A zoned cooling and heating system divides your home into different areas, or zones, with each area being controlled by its own separate thermostat. Zoning your home has many benefits, including the elimination of hot or cold spots and customized temperature control of each area.

A zoned heating and cooling system uses electronically controlled dampers located in the ducting system. These dampers open and close according to the commands of each area’s thermostat. A home may have several zones and thus several dampers that act like valves, allowing or preventing air flow to the desired areas.

It is necessary that an HVAC expert installs a zoned home comfort system, so that the overall design is properly balanced within the home, and does not restrict airflow — a situation that could result in mechanical problems.Because the system’s blower produces a certain cubic feet of air per minute, a dump loop is created to handle any excess air and return it to the blower. This is crucial to the proper operation of the zoned system and must be done in conjunction with installing the in-duct system dampers.

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For example, a home could have four zones: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Family Room, but perhaps only ONE zone is calling for heated or cooled air at the time. The excess air that was produced, but not required by three of the four zones, must be efficiently recirculated back to the blower.A properly installed zoning system will allow you to save money by NOT heating or cooling certain areas, plus – the system can help even out cool or warm spots. Or, maybe one family member likes a cooler bedroom than others might prefer. Zoning your home comfort system might be the answer. Perhaps the kitchen gets too warm and requires more air conditioning than other areas in the home. A separate zone for the kitchen can rectify this smartly.