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The borough is surrounded by Honey Brook Township, and both are referred to collectively as Honey Brook. The Township was divided from Nantmeal Township in 1789. A schoolmaster and land developer named Stinson bought a plot of land in the area, and called it Waynesburg in honor of the Revolutionary War general, Mad Anthony Wayne. With the railroad coming to the area, the town had to change its name to Honey Brook to avoid confusion and freight being routed to the wrong stations with another Waynesburg in Western PA.

At ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing, our efforts go to our customer – who always comes first. That is why homeowners in Honey Brook, PA have placed their trust in our expertise for over six decades. From repairs of leaky faucets to maintenance of heaters and air conditioners, from installation of new plumbing systems to energy audits and weatherization services, ServiceMark is your premium resource in providing quality Honey Brook HVAC whole-home solutions.

Not only do we continue to provide 100% Satisfaction to our customers with pride and determination, but we also dedicate ourselves to giving back to the Honey Brook community. As our way of supporting the community where we all live and work, the ServiceMark Community Support Team can be seen sponsoring local little leagues, 5K runs, festivals and other local charitable events.

We invite you to choose Honey Brook Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Energy Audit and Weatherization services and find out for yourself why other homeowners believe our SERVICE is right on the MARK for their Honey Brook home comfort and safety needs:

Heating Service and Installation in Honey Brook, PA

Worried about spending another Honey Brook winter freezing in your own home? Rest assured ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing will take care of all servicing and repairs of your heating equipment. Our efficient technicians are highly trained to service and maintain all heating system brands and types, including gas, steam, oil, electric, propane – even geothermal systems!

At ServiceMark Honey Brook Heating and Cooling we know from our extensive experience how crucial it is to perform regular service of heating systems. A great place to start is a Honey Brook heater tune up to extend its life and ensure your heating equipment is operating safely and at top performance.

ServiceMark Honey Brook HVAC quality heating services will help minimize the need for expensive repairs and lower your monthly energy costs. When the time comes to upgrade your older heating system, our Honey Brook knowledgeable team will be ready to help you choose the most appropriate high-efficiency heating equipment to make your home safe and comfortable for many winters to come.

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Air Conditioning Service and Installation in Honey Brook, PA

Feel the coolness of your home and relax this summer with ServiceMark’s Honey Brook Heating Cooling & Plumbing expert residential air conditioning maintenance and repair services. Rely on our skilled team to maintain and service your cooling system no matter the type and brand, and receive priority service if you have a service agreement, even during the holidays.

Prevent all the frustration, inconvenience and expenses for you and your family if your air conditioning broke down in the middle of a sweltering, humid summer day. Avoid discomfort of having to sleep in a hot room by arranging for one of our highly trained Honey Brook HVAC technicians to perform an annual tune up of your cooling system. When you’re ready to replace your broken system or upgrade your older air conditioning equipment, our team of NATE certified specialists will be there to solve any Honey Brook cooling challenges, such as hard to cool rooms, temperature differences and homes without ductwork.

The ServiceMark’s Honey Brook Heating and Cooling sales team will recommend the best central air conditioning equipment based on capacity. Once selected, our master technicians will install and engineer the new system to ensure that the right amount of conditioned air is distributed to every area, so you and your loved ones can cool off in any room of your home.

Enjoy hot Honey Brook summers with the latest technology central air conditioning system that works more efficiently and uses far less energy to help save you money!

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Plumbing Service and Installation in Honey Brook, PA

When in need of a trustworthy plumber in Honey Brook, PA – turn to ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing. Our highly trained, licensed plumbers have been providing top quality services that include every aspect of plumbing maintenance, repair and installation in Honey Brook homes for over 60 years.

ServiceMark Honey Brook HVAC expert services range from the repair of a leaky faucet and installation of toilets, bathroom and kitchen sinks and water and waste piping, and identifying and eliminating blockages, to high-efficiency boiler and water heater upgrades (including gas, electric and energy-saving tankless units).

Get in touch with one of ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing friendly customer service representatives today to arrange for our master plumbers to skillfully take care of all of your plumbing challenges in your Honey Brook home.

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