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Bringing Hope Home –A Story of Concern and Community Commitment

On a cold Tuesday afternoon, this past January 2016, ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing received a frantic e-mail from the Bringing Hope Home organization.

It stated that they had been contacted by a poor family that had been suffering without heat in their home for over three months and that the mother was due to return, from the hospital, after major cancer surgery the very next day. Could we please help?

The heater was broken and the family savings had been exhausted by expensive cancer treatments. They could not afford to fix the oil boiler and had lived in jackets and sat around the kitchen gas stove the entire winter to try to stay warm!

ServiceMark, a long standing supporter of the Bringing Hope Home organization, was able to spring into action and had a technician out, to the home, the same day and temporarily got heat in the house. The family was informed that the “heater is in very bad shape and leaking oil”.

ServiceMark installation team standing around old, broken heater

The heater, within a few days, failed again and again the call went out to ServiceMark to try to help the situation. The old heavy cast iron boiler needed to be replaced but the family had no money to do so and besides, it was a very expensive undertaking costing thousands of dollars.

A sad story until the ServiceMark team, once again, took the lead.

The director of ServiceMark was informed of the dire circumstances and promptly made some calls pleading for help and volunteers. Soon, ServiceMark had secured a new high efficiency oil-fired boiler, piping and other installation materials, plus eight volunteer technicians and installers who donated their time off on a Saturday to remove the old system and completely install the new one.

ServiceMark technicians volunteering to bring new heater into house

The home was warm and comfortable by Saturday evening and the mother of the family could now rest after a grueling operation!

As many of our customer and community members know, ServiceMark Heating Cooling & Plumbing (HVAC) has been giving back, for many years, by supporting local charities and community endeavors.

The Bringing Hope Home organization, an award winning local charity who helps families battling cancer pay bills and keep up their homes during difficult and stressful times, has partnered with the local HVAC experts at ServiceMark on projects like this over the years.

Together “we feel that we have made a positive outcome to a very difficult no-win situations for a families” stated Brian Nefferdorf Plumbing Manager.